Here are just a few of S.A.R.A.'s success stories in no particular order. (Click for full size images)

 If you have a S.A.R.A. cat or dog story to share email it with a current photo to : webmaster@sarasavesanimals.org


Hello lovely people of Sara's Treasures!

Here are some pictures of Chicken at home. She's doing real well - on a yummy raw diet, running around causing trouble.  

Thanks again for being such an amazing advocate for kitties here in Eugene!


 Kahlua (Carmella) :


I received a check up call from you guys a couple of weeks ago about the kitty I adopted from SARA's Treasures last November. I thought I'd send you a couple pictures of Kahlua (formerly Carmella), and I wanted to let you know that she's one of the best things that's ever happened to me! She's such a sweet kitty who likes to cuddle all the time. She follows me wherever I go in my apartment, and she even tries to sleep on my face at night. Awww :)

- Megan M

An Email from Willy & Seymour's adopter:

I just wanted to share some photos of Willy and Seymour who were adopted back in October. They are very healthy and happy cats! They are so wonderful, we are a very happy "family"!

Sarah D.


An Email from Annie's Family:

We adopted Annie in November 2006.  The consensus of anyone's best guess is she is a Lab-Whippet mix.  A really fun mix of breeds as she demonstrates qualities of both!  Annie is very responsive and is equally attached to everyone in the family.  We are presently enrolled in Pet Smart's Basic Education.  Annie has gone from "class clown" to "ace student" rapidly and she is a quick learner here at home in her eagerness to please.  She is a love to everyone she meets and gives our 14 year-old cat proper respect.  She plays with and chews on only her own toys and stays out of the cat food.  Our vet says she is in the peak of health.  We were prepared for issues with our decision to adopt a dog.  Annie has been such a blessing to our lives.  Her great transition into our family and good behavior is by in large thanks to SARA.  SARA invested so much into Annie with socialization, training, nutrition and mostly TLC.  My goal is to go through therapy animal training with Annie when she matures in a few years.  This has been supported by our instructor and vet who both think she is a prime candidate.  We are very thankful that this dog was saved and has come into our lives.  Our deepest thanks to SARA for their wonderful efforts. 

A Note from Billy's Adopters:

Email from SAM & SCOOTER's adopters:

Hi there,

We adopted Sam (at right) from SARA in October 2005. He is the most wonderful fellow that ever walked around on four feet. We adore him.
Last week we adopted Scooter (at left). We are convinced he is part Siamese. Very athletic, smart and affectionate. He is about 3 1/2 months old.
We wanted to show folks how well some kitties can get along no matter the age or size difference.
Thank you Nicole and Melinda.
Jo, Wally, Sam & Scooter   Sept 13th, 2006


Ben was adopted in July 2006 to a very nice family: Lallie, Steve, daughter Gracie (absent from photo - at gymnastics class) and son John.  They have signed up for a dog training class with Jennifer DuMond Biglan.

 Ben was cruelly left in a back yard in Junction City when his people moved, and he's really enjoying his wonderful new home!

 Thanks, everyone, for working so hard on behalf of abandoned animals like Ben  : )  



Sibyl is doing great. My previous cat, Devilin, threw a 3 month long temper tantrum when I brought Sibyl home. But now they are best of friends. Their games of Tag through the house wake me up at least once a night. Sibyl passes the day sleeping on the back of the couch, playing with Devilin, cuddling with me while I watch TV, and hissing at pedestrians that walk by the front window. Thank you S.A.R.A. for all you do to keep saving lives like Sibylís.

-Rio (S.A.R.A. Volunteer)

 Holiday card from Savanah & Stella

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FOXY (Betsy)

Foxy is doing great!    She loves her home and yard, and has made friends with a couple of resident squirrels!    They have lots of fun almost every morning when the squirrels come to visit. Nothing makes a dogís day better than a little vigorous squirrel-chasing!! She and I have played music and brought love to some Alzheimerís patients.  Foxy has also completed PetSmartís training, and I take her to dog parks often. She handles herself quite well, and has become VERY attached to me and Debra.  She travels well, and has been a few camping trips in her new mini-van and tent.  

Thank you for your good work.  We hope our "Happy Tail" will encourage others to adopt a homeless pet!   

Warm regards,

 Ron and Debra, and Foxy